“Anne Daly and Ronan Tynan have mastered the complex craft...in documentary making, as in stand-up comedy, its the way you tell’em.”

The Sunday Times

“.... A record of exposing the harsh realities of the developing world.’

The Sunday Tribune

Where 2+2 = 5

WHERE 2+2=5
Duration: 52:00 minutes

Children with no formal education, exposed to drugs and gang violence, in a sprawling favela or shantytown in Sao Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil, prove the power of the arts against the odds.

Held up at gunpoint by a ten-year-old boy Fr Pat Clarke was moved to do something for children who often risked meeting an early death as a drug gang member. He founded an arts and cultural centre in the heart of a favela to reach these children and offer them an alternative to drugs and gang violence. Through drama, painting and drawing, dance and especially the capoeira many children’s lives were transformed. Some went on to third level education and a number even have become professional artists.

Today the centre he founded with the people – the Centro Cultural – has become the dynamic heart of the community and run by the people themselves.

The film also shows how Fr Pat engaged with professional artists over the years to help make the Centro Cultural such a success. One of these was Brian Maguire, leading Irish artists who he first met in Sao Paulo when he came there to represent Ireland at the Biennale.

This documentary offers unique testimony about the difference the arts can make, when some one unleashes their extraordinary power to help others.