‘An incredible film on the history of the Syrian conflict’

Paul Conroy - War Photographer

Syria – The Impossible Revolution

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Syria – The Impossible Revolution
A film by Anne Daly and Ronan Tynan
Duration: 90 mins

Three years in the making this feature length documentary offers unique
insights into the roots of the Syrian Revolution and how what began as a
peaceful uprising turned into a very brutal conflict as the Assad regime
cracked down.

‘Syria – The Impossible Revolution,’ a film by Anne daly and Ronan Tynan,
seeks to unravel the roots and ‘complexities’ of the bloodiest conflict in the
Middle East as well as the politics of the Western response. It also examines
why some elements on the Left are on the same page as the extreme Right
defending the Assad regime against “US imperialism” apparently oblivious to
the role of Iran and especially Russia and her indiscriminate bombing of
civilians as well as targeting hospitals which many charge are warcrimes?
The film traces the roots of the Syrian revolution through the regime of
Assad’s father up to the fall of Aleppo. Using extensive archive and
interviews with a wide range of people directly involved as well as experts
on the region, the documentary seeks to offer some understanding about a
conflict that has plumbed new depths in terms of the toll it has extracted on
civilians. Some suggest more than five hundred thousand are already dead,
half the population have fled their homes and five millions are now refugees
in Europe and neighbouring countries with little prospect of returning any
time soon.

The film also examines the rise of the jihadis including Islamic State and Al
Qaeda with evidence partly nurtured by Assad as he continues to present
himself as “fighting the war on terror”. Meanwhile, the violence has drawn in
almost every major power, as well as all of the leading regional powers. But
one thing is clear, civilians and ordinary Syrians seem to count for little or
nothing in their calculations.

Paul Conroy, the legendary war photographer, described the documentary
as ‘an incredible film on the history of the Syrian conflict’. Paul was
wounded in Syria in 2012 when his colleague war correspondent Marie
Colvin was killed in Baba-Amr, Homs by an Assad regime artillery barrage
targeted at their press centre. French photographer Remi Ohlick was also
killed in the same attack.

‘Syria – The Impossible Revolution’ is an Esperanza Production and was
directed by Ronan L Tynan and co-produced with Anne Daly.